That´s me.
That´s me.
But it isn´t.
But it isn´t.
Thomas A. Edison
Thomas A. Edison
Not from me  – but a good one.
Not from me – but a good one.
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Stefan W. Stockingeryour potential partner

I´m an Interim Manager, Entrepreneur, Manager, Start-Up Founder, Investor. Born 1963, I´ve gathered a lot of experience - professional and private. Now I am definitely too old to die young - but young enough to move things ahead. I am allyearbiker and part-time photographer, love my family, my friends and my home. I´ve lived and studied in the US and have been worn out as a sports coordinator in the South of Italy. With a German diploma in Business Administration I worked as consultant, as product and marketing manager, were responsible for a worldwide brand as a VP. I love working with client teams on projects - using one of my biggest assets: I´m able to quickly adapt to new surroundings, new people, new locations and new problems/solutions - and terribly curious ;-) My specialties are:
  • Medium Sized Companies, Small Sized Companies and Start-Ups
  • Interim Management & Projects from 1 to 6 months
  • Focus on B2C - digital & real world
  • Brands are my core business, especially FMCG
  • integrated marketing is a must
  • proven leadership of marketing & sales teams
  • marketing & sales controlling

SEE WHAT I OFFER My Skills & Expertise

Management means to organize and coordinate business processes to achieve defined objectives.  Management consists of the interlocking functions of... creating corporate policy and organizing, planning, controlling, and directing an organization's resources like machines, material, money and human resources in order…
Strategy means to plan actions and methods to reach defined goals - more long term than short term. This means, that resources have to be treated effectively and efficiently.…
Integrated Marketing
Marketing is not a department of a company. Marketing is an approach of putting the markets and the customers into the companies focus to enhance the customer... benefit.…
Digital business
The potential and possibilities of digital media and the internet lead to fundamental changes in strategy, structure, culture and processes of a company. This leads to... changes and…
Are you searching for some special skills, you did´t find in this section, please don´t hesitate to ask...


Posted By :Date :Stefan | 07-19-2016

Watch my new slideshare presentation about 10 reasons why you should hire an interim manager.


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